How to remember a strong password

To protect your email, social networking accounts and the rest of your online life,
strong passwords are essential.
Here is a quick and easy way to create and remember a secure password….
1. choose lyrics from a song you know. (you need 8-10 words)….
e.g. “Wbuilt this city orock and roll”
2. Take the first letter of each word to make the basis of your password.
e.g. wbtcorar
…. A good start, but it could someone who knows your music taste possibly
guess it?
3. Mix lower and upper case letters to make it harder to guess.
e.g. WbtCoRar
4. Swap letters for numbers and symbols to make even more difficult to guess.
Our ‘b’ tooks a bit like a ‘6’ and ‘a’ is short for ‘&’.
e.g. W6tCoR&r
Please don’t use this example. You passwords should be secret to you.

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